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White Chess Pieces

The white side of a chess set, lined up for the start of the game, fading into the distance.

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Great depth of field shot...
2015-04-19 04:49
neel said:
Cool image. Transition from focus point to unfocused background creates a good ambience for this picture.
2015-03-01 12:40
beautiful image, thanks for sharing!
2014-09-18 02:34
Love Sriv said:
Great alignment with concept
2013-04-20 03:41
Euchner said:
your move
2011-01-11 13:49
useronline said:
good image for "align" in terms of strategy
2010-09-07 10:01
good image
2010-05-01 13:57
c2magazine said:
You can check it out at Thanks.
2009-11-02 23:06
good shot
2009-09-28 03:49
lianmo said:
2009-08-10 23:29

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