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Freerange Stock was formed with the goal to provide quality stock photos for commercial and non-commercial use. For free.

About Us

Freerange Stock provides high-quality free stock images to our community of over 800,000 registered users. Since 2007, our collection of photos, textures, and illustrations has been frequently featured and promoted on lists of recommended free image sources across the web. All images are licensed for broad commercial use without attribution, providing dynamic visual tools to fuel our members’ success.

Trust in our Image Sources

Your first question when visiting this site was probably, "Can I legally use these images? For free?" (This should be your first question with any "free" stock image site.)  

Our images are sourced a number of ways, and we take measures in each case to ensure the trustworthiness of the images. Here's some information about how we acquire images:
  • In-house Photography: Some images are contributed by photographers directly associated with the site. We own these images and we have complete copyright control.
  • Acquisitions or Commissions: We've acquired the rights to, or directly commissioned, many original images and we have complete copyright control over those images.
  • Contributed Images: Many images are contributed by photographers around the world and we're very proud to be trusted to distribute these images. Each image submission is individually reviewed and images are not accepted if there is any question of authorship or ownership. Photographers are asked to have original files available for verification if requested.
  • Licensed Images: We have worked directly with image creators to license their work for distribution on the site. Any licensed images are sourced from the original creator and copyright holder.
  • CC0 Images: We do source some CC0 (Public Domain) images from other sites and government sources. We always strive to keep the images attached to their original authors, honoring the license of the image at the time it was contributed. In the few cases where the original contributor could not be noted, we do list the site from which the images were sourced.
We know where our images come from. If you have any questions about the authenticity of any individual image, contact us and we'll be happy to give you more information about the source and history of that particular photo.

We've also posted a longer article on Medium about strategies on sourcing and using free images. Click here to read about image trust and licensing.


We weren't satisfied with existing licenses, so we created our own - check out Equalicense. We wanted to allow users broad permission to use images to support their commercial projects, while still ensuring that photographers and image creators maintain their copyrights. The pure CC0 "license" doesn't allow photographers to maintain rights to their images. We don't think photographers need to give up their rights just to offer an image to users. That being said, some photographers either want to place their images in the public domain, or they already have, so we do offer CC0 images. 

Any cool spinoff projects?

We're so glad you asked.

Vintage Stock Photos (VSP): Along with images featured on Freerange, we've sourced many thousands of old 35mm slides, documenting life, voyages and experiences around the world. They're fantastic - grainy, and scratched and analog. Once the best of the batches are scanned and lightly restored, we offer them for free at Vintage Stock Photos (VSP). Take a look at Vintage Stock Photos.
ImageFinder: We also recognize that there are hundreds of thousands of great free images from many other websites. These sites don't have licenses that allow us to directly host these images, but we've indexed many of them into a site with a single searchable database. Perform your search of over 250,000 images on ImageFinder and you'll be taken directly to the source site for download. 

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