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Magnet Poems

Magnetic words can be arranged to make sentences or poetry.

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I'm working on a computer class assignment creating a brochure for our writing lab.
2015-09-15 19:28
Great and creative, thanks a lot
2015-01-02 08:09
Perfect for my FB page
2014-03-20 05:23
mileenica said:
love the game, love the photo
2013-08-12 04:16
2013-03-01 08:47
JRVogt said:
Appreciate it!
2012-11-12 15:20
Thank you for sharing this.
2012-11-02 08:11
CR said:
Thank you! Great!
2011-12-05 19:57
Using the image because it's a more interesting way to depict the idea of "slam poetry".
2010-08-04 21:59
LivE said:
this is just what i needed to use as a visual for a lesson on writing sentences. thank you so much for sharing!
2009-10-17 02:57

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