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A native Californian, Dena has had a genuinely diverse life which could populate several novels. The extreme variety of places, people and experiences provided her with an expansive palette of creative processes. She is passionate about living a consciously purposeful life, and dedicated to living her mission: “To act as a catalyst for growth and healing by providing a clear channel for Spirits love, light, joy and creative expression.” Dena has a Masters of Art which took twelve years to accomplish. With camera in hand, those years of discovery were freckled by attempts to combine that which she saw through the lens of her camera with the images she saw in her mind, as well as the results of her drawing, painting and sculpting. In the years before Photoshop, this was sometimes problematic. She says that creating art is a healing meditative journey for her, “It is a living prayer, guided by joy, that salves my deepest wounds, and celebrates life.” In the process of creating a full expression of her art, she combines a variety of media (including her photographs and sometimes her poetry) either live or in Photoshop, culminating in a “photo” of an interior process. and


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