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Pair of white earbuds on a smooth surface.

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Cool image!
2014-07-08 02:56
Brian Noel said:
Nice pic! I like how the focus is crisp on the earbuds and blurry on the device :) Very cool!
2013-08-12 20:39
kunson said:
thanks for sharing the picture... great work :)
2013-07-31 22:14
Jo said:
it's always Chance Agrella photos! I'm taking a lot of Chance's! Thank You!
2013-01-02 12:24
zed2012 said:
Brilliant shot.
2012-11-24 11:16
Javis said:
love this. thanks
2012-06-25 16:09
bhengstr said:
2011-07-02 21:48
Great focus.
2011-03-11 22:35
Jenn Wist said:
I just thought this looked pretty cool!
2009-08-31 20:54
Finally. Some quality earbuds.
2009-08-17 06:35

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