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Yellow Crate Filled With Empty Wine Bottles

A yellow crate overflowing with numerous empty wine bottles stacked neatly inside. The bottles vary in size and shape, showcasing a range of different labels and colors. The crate is placed against a plain background, highlighting the collection of glass containers.

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556725 said:
writing a memoir piece on going to the dump to recycle glass in the 70's.
2018-04-22 13:23
apavlik said:
university course
2015-04-28 03:14
Using on a mock recycling brocure. Thanks!
2014-12-21 18:13
Kishmc said:
Recycling prgram at my office
2013-12-09 12:57
2010-01-14 13:22
aieda said:
I like this photo! Thanks
2009-10-05 02:00
aieda said:
great photo, useful!
2009-10-05 01:51
awesome photo!
2009-08-19 16:15

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