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Going Social Concept - Networks Idea with Lightbulb

Going Social Concept - Networks Idea with Lightbulb

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Thanks a lot man! Great stuff! Clean, smart, cute, perfect for my LinkedIn showcase page on Social Media coaching!
2016-03-24 02:57
536274 said:
Hi Jack, I work for a trade association for carpet and upholstery cleaning companies in the UK. You have produced some wonderful graphic images which will be ideal for accompanying marketing and business articles in our printed monthly publication. Kind Regards, Nicky (National Carpet Cleaners Association).
2016-02-04 03:11
529051 said:
light bulb and social icons good conceptual image
2015-12-02 00:48
526693 said:
thank you - will provide credit!
2015-11-11 11:27
Oh my goodness! You're extremely talented with this social media designs. Excellently executed and very innovative.
2015-10-09 06:18

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