Free Stock Photo of Printed Circuit Board in Blue by Michael Henry

July 27, 2009 in Free Photos from Michael Henry

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A Printed Circuit Board in Blue
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78 responses to Free Stock Photo of Printed Circuit Board in Blue by Michael Henry

  1. love it

  2. Great sharpness and colour.

  3. Thanks so much, this would help so much on my project.

  4. Great stock photo

  5. Great, this is what I searched for

  6. Great pic of a circuit board!

  7. Great! Will work perfect for my college project! Thanks!

  8. excellent image! made my day thanks

  9. love the crispness and blue color

  10. This is very nice picture

  11. Love this angle. Nice work!

  12. thanks perfect image to display in security

  13. Pretty cool circuit-board picture.

  14. Thank you for this image. It will be great to use in my Digital Image Manipulation class. It was difficult to find free stock images but this is perfect.

  15. thank you for the awesome pics

  16. Thanks great for school project!

  17. Thank you! Just what I needed for our tech company website

  18. Nice picture. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thanks for sharing. This is a nice picture.

  20. excellent lighting technique..

  21. Great image! 😉

  22. Nice

  23. Thanks for your work!

  24. Great image, very useful for tech stories.

  25. great shot, thanks!

  26. Thank you!

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